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Burgers and beer? Yes.

Published: Thursday, March 29, 2012

Updated: Monday, August 27, 2012 16:08


DMK Burger Bar

This is no ordinary burger bar. (And burger bars aren't ordinary to begin with.) Located just a few blocks north of the Lincoln Park campus, DMK serves up burgers that are a mouth-watering delight. And not only are they mouth-watering, they are actually good for you. The beef used for the burgers come from grass-fed cows, so it's a much healthier option. No worry about frozen patties or that weird pink mystery meat.

And you know what goes great with that burger? Beer. All the beers are from independent brewers. For daredevils, there is the Yeti, a Russian Imperial Stout with 9.5% alcoholic content (one is sufficient). It is a strong and bitter bad boy with coffee and chocolate flavors, aged on oak chips. Chocolate, coffee and beer in one bottle? Where have you been all my life? For lighter fare, try any of the beers on tap, especially the 3 Floyds (a wheat ale) and Two Brothers (Ale). For the non-beer drinker, there are homemade sodas and milkshakes, as well as a full bar.

With movies playing on the screens ("Wizard of Oz" was playing while I dined there recently) and catchy rock and pop music playing at a moderate level (not too loud and not too soft), DMK is a great place to relax with friends as well as go for a first or second date. (Maybe second date if potential love interest is cool with Arcade Fire and The Shins playing over drinks.)

The food is moderately priced. Burgers are 8 bucks apiece (cheese and bacon included in most of them). The appetizers are just as delicious, especially the mac 'n' cheese, which one dish serves 2-3 people. This is a definitely a place to go with a small group of friends either for a late afternoon lunch or for a late-night meal.

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