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Cycling: Look simple? Think again.

Strategy shapes the way DePaul cycling club pedals as they look for ways to compete and have fun

Published: Monday, May 2, 2011

Updated: Monday, August 27, 2012 16:08

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DePaul Cycling Club and Team

Lazio, on the other hand, often finds himself as the lone DePaul rider in the C category, forcing him to create a strategy of his own.

"As much as biking is individual, with a 30-mile road race, if I don't have any team members to work with, it's kind of hard…it is a very individual sport, but at the same time you do need a lot of cooperation with other people," Lazio said. "Its just hard to keep in and stay in because people aren't as willing to work with you and especially in the criteriums, which I really like to ride in, it's really hard to get anything going because you are just out there as an individual going against a lot of other people.

"So going into the race I have to decide how I'm going to try, where I'm going to stay in the pack, how I'm going to work with them. But it definitely entails more planning ahead."

Regardless of the danger and stressors of competition, Karklin is always ready.

"It's a really good relaxation time," Karklin said. "You're relaxed, but you have to be so focused on what's going on, so it's a work out for the body, it's a workout for the mind. It's a challenge and I love a challenge. I'm always up for it."

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